Are we human or are we data?

Brain scans betray our next move 7 seconds before we make it.

Data scientists know if we’ll visit an ad before we click it.

Microsoft can tell us the optimal time for tomorrow’s lunch before we’ve gone to bed.

Alexa can text our perfect mood emoji before we’ve acknowledge our emotional state

The strength of our keyboard presses, the pitch of our voice, the # of times we backspace an email draft, the sites we refresh, the people we facetime — tiny data points ready to serve cogent predictions & recommendations.


@apple @snapchat @google WHY the hell are you showing me video montages of me and my ex when y’all know we broke up???


Why does it matter that our actions are predictable?

1. A variety of AI apocalyptic scenarios you can learn more about watching Black Mirror, Westworld, Devs, etc.

2. Predictions about who we are shape our digital journeys… and those journeys shape us. A feedback loop…

Media -> Thoughts -> Actions -> Habits -> Recommendations -> Media

It’s why we’re all clamoring to be heard on here. Behind the ego boosts and the dopamine hits, is the implicit understanding that our words can impact someone else’s journey.

A wisdom asteroid colliding into our orbit, whose path was chartable, can still radically shift our perspective.

As more voices can add to the clamor (yay!) and creators make more content (art?), we must decide the means and methods of distribution and share those with the people generating the data points and receiving the recs.

So that we may occasionally “cut the cord” that binds us to our digital identities and dance to a new rhythm (that we didn’t find on our Discover Weekly :))

PM @DISCO | Co-founder of The Farmlink Project

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