Find your niche, dig your grave

I’m sick of the cliche circle-jerk Twitter wisdom that has translated elsewhere in society: Conquer a specific niche to garner a following. Stay on brand. Write as if a 4th grader was reading it. Simplify vocabulary. Say less for more impact. Memes over everything.

The ability to communicate is important. But so is the ability to listen.

To hold the thread longer than sound bites, bullet points, and one white word on a black background (sorry Uber marketing team). The focus required to understand asides (and asides of asides (and asides of asides))). To appreciate etymology.

Your time is not as valuable as you think. And the way off autopilot is not more production for the sake of producing nor acronyms for the sake of remembering.

What are we here for? To understand one another’s full selves. This is impossible en masse so each of us must become a tiny slice of the pie to ‘matter’ at all. Who wants to see the resurgence of the renaissance woman? To embrace polymathic thinking rather than hyper-specialist?




PM @DISCO | Co-founder of The Farmlink Project

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AJ Weaver

AJ Weaver

PM @DISCO | Co-founder of The Farmlink Project

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