Message in a Bottle

There’s nothing like a beach all-nighter. Bioluminescent algae recreating the night sky across the sea. Bright white lines of water shooting right and left and then crashing onto shore, scattering the glittering microbeings around my feet.

Shooting stars. Warming wet legs at the fire. Mesmerized by the blue base of a flame curling like a wave. Tapping a molten stick on stone, sprinkling red ember fireworks on the sand.

Cicadas roaring, monkeys moaning, wind brushing the trees. Jungle sounds crescendoing with the waves. Sunrise lulling everything to soft murmurs. Jogger in headphones pumping DJ Khaled, muting nature’s soundtrack and her inner quitting voice. I close my eyes and lie down on my surfboard for a snooze.

My restless eyes find an undulating rainbow sphere in the sky. Trace it down a tall man with a two part wand and a bucket of soap. How beautiful that we bottled the concept of a bubble and distributed it to the far corners of the world.

Two middle-agers in Eagles and Cowboys watch the bubbles through the iPhone cameras clutched in their hands. A few seconds later a small girl squealed and totters across the sand to grasp a bubble the size of her body… before…POP

Halloween moon crabs scuttle over dozens of plastic liter bottles and aluminum Imperial cans. My bare feet tread home on a rocky road. Sand turns to shards of glass. The unintentions of human inventions.

How I wish to reprise the littered bottles by filling them with the revelations of tonight. No iPhone camera or painting or text description will suffice.

We filter, deconstruct, absorb, rebuild, perceive, filter, remember so everything is as we wish to sense it not as it was created. And when we try to capture them they… POP

but i still hope that someone gets my…


PM @DISCO | Co-founder of The Farmlink Project

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