Modern Miracles

AJ Weaver
1 min readJun 5, 2021

On the surface, today was a very average Friday. A series of zoom calls, slacks, food breaks, emails, a quick run around the neighborhood, followed by a long Twitter scroll.

On closer examination, today was a miracle!

I got to…

1. Zoom travel to living rooms in Jeddah, Barcelona, Rotterdam, London, Melbourne, and Banglore. 6 different countries on 4 continents! (gracias a bridgeforbillions and DISCO)

2. Congratulate a friend for getting a job at a startup that laser-cuts and delivers a perfectly-tailored, indie-artist designed manicure to your door with the simple snap of your iPhone Camera. I hate painted nails and I even considered buying one for a second!

3. Send my boss a surf lesson at a fully simulated wave park in Australia for his birthday. Perfect, regular barrels of all shapes and sizes!

4. Immerse myself in a science fiction journey curated with free tools (Notion + Spotify) sent to me by a stranger I met on Twitter

What to me was an average day of work is a revolution from the perspective of a woman my age a hundred years ago who couldn’t dream beyond the confines of her kitchen…if she was lucky to have one at all.

How amazing I can nourish my dreams and others’ within the confines of my kitchen!



AJ Weaver

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