The Future of Education is The Future of Work

  • The natural world needs more scientists exploring and healing it
  • The physical realms (outdoor adventure, wellness, culinary) are relatively AI future-proof
  • A year to reflect on “What do I want out of the next 4 years?” before specializing
  • Students who take gap years graduate with higher GPAs even after controlling for demographics, test scores and entering grades.
  • Digital workforce will be able to live anywhere! Increase student’s travel savvy and ability to relate to new people
  • Global mindset will be critical for cooperation on increasingly interconnected issues.
  • Learning for a test incentivizes memorization rather than adding a skill to your permanent repertoire
  • Skills can be dictated by the actual needs of the market rather than theoretical musings of an educational board



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AJ Weaver

AJ Weaver

PM @DISCO | Co-founder of The Farmlink Project